Cookies – The Gift For All Occasions!

When most people hear the word cookie, they think of a simple sugary sweetness. The first memory of your favorite cookie is probably from your childhood ? maybe it is grandma?s raisin chocolate chip cookie or your mom?s special macadamia nut cookie that comes to mind as your first favorite. No matter the flavor, cookies are generally favored by most people in some form or other.

Presenting Perfection

Since so many people find cookies to be enjoyable, it is no surprise that cookie gifts are a great present to offer someone. Make sure that you are getting the right cookie for the right person, though; often it is a good idea to find out what type of cookie the person likes. You can try to hint at what cookies you like in order to find out what cookies they like, so you can get them their favorite. Done right, a cookie gift usually goes over very well ? a cookie gift usually never goes uneaten!

A cookie basket is something that you might consider if you were planning on getting a cookie gift for one of your co-workers, or someone that you do not know very well. This is due to the fact that there is an assortment of cookies inside cookie baskets, and so it is more likely that the person will find something they like. Not only are cookie baskets a great present to bring to someone you don?t know very well, they can be given for almost any occasion and are never ?out of season.?

If you are not sure what type of cookie your recipient likes, or are not sure if a cookie basket is the right way to go, getting them a certificate or coupon for a good bakery or online store with baked goods is a good idea. This way, the person can purchase the type of cookie that they will really enjoy.

Creative Cookie Creations

Cookie towers and pre-made gift boxes are very popular these days. They often come with a variety of cookies so that your recipient is sure to find a flavor they like. Most towers and gift boxes come nicely wrapped, with an aura of sophistication about them.

For the more creative types, a nifty cookie gift idea is to do a ?jar? or ?cone? of cookie mix. With the jar version, you can purchase a plain, ordinary glass jar from a store (a .99 store would be good for this) and then combine all of the powdery or solid portions of the recipe into the jar. It?s often nice to make the layers colored a special way ? such as brown sugar on the bottom, then chocolate chips, then vanilla, then sugar, then cinnamon or macadamia nuts or other goodies. You could then attach the recipe on a card with a ribbon attaching the card to the jar.

You can also put other decorations on the jar to make it nice. A cookie ?cone? is done in a similar way but with special bags, like those used for applying frosting to a cake. You can make the cone look very creative with lots of colorful ingredients and a recipe tag.

Try to be creative with your cookie gifts! There are many things you can do to give the perfect cookie to someone else, but remember ? have fun with it, work to get what they want, and make the gift special if you can.