Glorious Gourmet Food In Paris – Part Ii

If there’s one thing the French know how to do well, it’s food. Food is more of an art (and for some, a quasi religion) in France, and so I knew I would be remiss in my duties to my readers if I did not go and seek out Paris’s finest gastronomic glories for you. Sampling the following is not an option ? it’s a must!!!

In Part I, we discovered Paris’s finest fromageries in Androuet’s 5 Parisian cheese shops and real French bread at Poilane’s. Now, we bring to you two more of those glorious Parisian gourmet food places.

Lafayette Gourmet ? a Riot of Tastes and Colors

The Galeries Lafayette is one of the most distinguished and famous shopping landmarks in Paris. Their high-fashion displays and grand old-world architecture (including a very fine stained-glass dome) make any shopping there a remarkable experience. I have to admit though that I tend to spend most of my time loitering around its breathtaking Gourmet food court.

The food court is located on the top floor of the Galeries, and is a veritable riot of tastes and colors. There you’ll find everything and more to tantalize the dedicated gourmet: a bakery with a dizzying array of specialty breads and pastries (testament to France’s continuing love affair with baked goods of every description); a cheese counter with at least a hundred different varieties of cheese (both French and imported); meats and seafood; a deli offering the very best specialty foodstuffs; and fruit and veggies of every origin from all around the world ? all products flawlessly fresh.

There is even a large section dedicated to every spice imaginable. The luxury chocolate and candy displays are worth a prolonged visit. I usually stock up here on all kinds of European chocolates when I’m in town as many brands can’t be found in the US and all of them are sold cheaper in Paris.

To top things off, Lafayette Gourmet also boasts a ‘wine library’ unlike any other: 1,800 of the world’s finest wines, classified and presented with enough loving attention to satisfy demanding wine connoisseurs.

40, boulevard Haussmann 75009 PARIS
Metro: Chauss?e d’Antin La Fayette

BE ? Tasty and Classy

Boulang?picier, or ‘BE’ for short, is owned by two of Paris’s most famed and respected chef and baker: Alain Ducasse and Eric Keyser, respectively.

BE’s name and concept result of the fusion of ‘boulanger’ (baker) and ‘?picier’ (grocer). Its culinary creations are inspired by simple, traditional French recipes.

BE is housed in a smart, typically Parisian building located not too far from the Arc de Triomphe, and close to the Parc Monceau. This makes it an ideal spot for a take-away lunch near one of Paris’s loveliest green expanse.

On sale is a carefully selected range of fine products and a tempting selection of sandwiches, homemade soups and fresh salads as well as pastries and desserts, whether to take away or eat in (there is a seating area that takes about ten).

On the grocery front, BE sells a range of gourmet goods (unusual spices, condiments, jams, chocolate, candy, pasta etc.), and a small selection of organic produce and dairy products.

On the bakery front, they sell Mr. Keyser’s renowned breads, made on the premises, whether as a loaf to take home or in the mouth-watering array of ready-made sandwiches. I had never actually tasted Keyser bread, and was genuinely surprised to find that it was far superior to almost anything I tried from other Parisian bakeries, including the famous Paujauran bread.

The array of breads is carefully displayed; they are made from various combinations of high-quality ingredients and are all at once tasty, crusty, fresh and moist, a welcome break from the ubiquitous mass-produced chewy white bread.

I was particularly intrigued by their concept of ‘Sandwich Brochettes’, an assortment of mini-sandwiches on skewers. After much deliberation, I went for the ‘Brochette Riviera’, which was comprised of little buns of black olive bread filled with tapenade (olive paste) and slices of fresh goat cheese; tomato buns filled with tomato ‘caviar’ and basil turkey; and then basil buns filled with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Wise choice.

I washed down the lot with a bottle of Orezza, a sparking mineral water sourced from springs near Rappagio in Corsica. I’d never tasted it before, and had expected to find the more common French mineral water brands such as Chateldon and Badoit, but it was a pleasant surprise ? Orezza has a fine flinty aftertaste and delicate levels of natural gas.

Naturally, this ‘designer food’ isn’t the cheapest: sandwiches start at 5 euros, and my Brochette Riviera set me back 7.5 euros. But it was worth every cent.

Tuck into BE’s tasty and classy food on the go or to take away at 73, boulevard de Courcelles, 75008 Paris

Which Country Makes The Best Steak?

It is undeniable that where your steak was raised can influence the flavour and texture of the beef cut. However, when it comes to determining which one is the best steak for you, it is best to judge this based on your own personal preferences.

From cut to texture to flavour to leanness to marbling… even the amount of fat your Argentinian steak contains – all can affect which steak you enjoy more.

If however, you are genuinely looking to buy steak, for instance British steak, the main advice we can offer is to not judge your steak based on its origin but more on how it was raised.

How to buy steak

Research has proven that for the juiciest, most flavoursome cuts of beef; naturally reared, grass fed cattle is best.

Allowed to freely roam and graze for at least 120 days a year, these open living conditions contribute towards happier cattle, better marbling and ultimately leaner cuts of beef – all because of this regular exercise.

But animal welfare isn’t all you should be looking for when you choose to buy steak online. Whether your beef steak is organic or not can also influence its overall taste and texture…

What is organic meat?

Organic meat may traditionally cost more than standard meat; however the difference in their upbringing can play a strong part in affecting their succulence and cut.

For instance, aside from being raised on feed that hasn’t been affected by synthetic chemicals, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides; meat can also be classified as organic if the cattle haven’t been raised on antibiotics, growth hormones, ground up animal parts or manure.

Worryingly, many farmers use antibiotics and growth hormones to help stimulate extra milk production and growth; however such stimulation often leads to poorer cuts of beef.

Fortunately new laws and legislations have made it impossible for farmers to falsely claim their livestock is organic as all their meat has to be traceable, meaning you can easily research their sources independently.

Buy steak online

No matter your preferences, British steak, Australian steak or Argentinian steak, you can confidently invest in quality gourmet steaks. Simply remember to look into the upbringing of your steak, and you can feel rest assured that why you buy steak you are buying the best cut for you.

Marketing Your Restaurant Successfully

Marketing your restaurant needn’t be expensive or hard work,in fact it can be quite ‘s explore some cheap yet effective ideas to get more people through your doors.

Firstly let’s utilise your existing average most booking are between 2-4 people,one very quick way to change that is offering deals based on parties of 8.That’s

right double up your average can be done by offering a 2 for free deal with parties of 8 or more.Every restaurant has their regulars and these are the very people

who will be happy to brings friends specially designed business cards made with the offer.Business cards are small and easily stored in a them stand out.

Allow these offers to run for 60 days at a time people only eat out once a month,this will encourage them to go to your restaurant.

Another good idea is creating a mobile website,this can be a powerful marketing tool.Create a page for your offers and have a QR code made with your mobile offers page.

Have this code put on your business cards and other promotional material.Encourage users to bookmark your mobile site on the home page of their smartphones.Another good

idea is a have a random discount night,you do not advertise this you simply discount every persons bill for that the bill write special discount a

promo business card placed beside the bill stating every now and then you have an announced discount can bet they will be talking to their family and friends

about that.Groupon is one marketing tool some restaurants use but do not properly exploit which creates a out the loop if you use the email address

of all your groupon and regular customers (why should they miss out,they are loyal to you) and offer deals doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’ll make more

money not having to pay groupon 40% or so.

By offering the deals directly you can get a nice cash injection,don’t run these type of deals on a regular basis or people will start waiting for the every so

often if you need to but not regularly.Marketing is essential getting new customer aware of you.Consider random actions like giving someone 50% off their bill,these sort

of actions get people talking.Explain you do random things like this,people will come hoping for the discount but not expecting ‘s like the lottery you hope you win

but you don’t expect to but the buzz is there.Treat your regulars well,they have supported you by visiting regularly,show your appreciation.

Finally,make sure everything you do is based around the customer,the food,the you get more customers you can slow down the marketing,don’t stop but slow it down.

Laying on some food for a local charity is not only a decent thing to do but will give you alot of successful people are in charity circles.Hopefully

this article has got your head in the right zone for marketing your restaurant and here is to your success.

A Royal Dinner at The Cellar

Earlier this month, our relative family visited us here in panchkula. They were here for an outing. My dad being a business man was busy that day and gave me the responsibility to take care of them and their dinner. The family had two young boys and they were obviously keen in some adventure out here.

As I wanted to make sure that everything is planned well, I called Exotic time club, Chandigarh to arrange a dinner for us. And they reserved a table at ‘The Cellar’ in sector 9, panchkula. I was little bit relaxed now as dinner was something most important and I had that responsibility. I took both the boys with me. The elder one was pursuing class twelfth and the younger one who seems more energetic was in class ninth. We went for recently opened bowling in the city. Both of them enjoyed a lot there. Later that day we all went to nearby market and few other places.

Later, we all went to ‘The Cellar’. We got a warm welcome from the manager there as we had reservations. The restaurant was neat and its calm atmosphere with slow music was peaceful. Its interior was appealing and the dim lights were giving it a royal look. We were taken to our table. The table was covered with a white cloth with small dish plates, glasses and a reserved plate. Waiter filled the glasses with water. My guests were already fascinated by the paintings and the wall textures. We ordered Indian dinner.

The waiter came with our order after approximately twenty minutes. The plates were shinning, chapattis and the dishes were irresistible. The dishes were so very tasty and all of us liked it. I was thanking Exotic Time Club in my mind for this dinner. Overall we all had an awesome dinner. We all reached home and my dad joined us. All of them praised the dinner in front of my dad. It has kind of award giving to me. ‘I enjoyed the dinner’, ‘Dinner was so tasty’ were the chants from the two boys. I liked all that fame in front of my family. Considering all the resources, I did well to please my guests. I felt good as my dad gave me that responsibility. It was like a mission accomplished for me and I couldn’t stop myself texting a thanks giving message to the Exotic time club later that night.

Asian Foods You Have To Try

Are typically Asian food items more healthy as well as less caloric when compared with American foods? It all depends. Certainly, a serving of dashi garnished together with cubes of tofu along with cut scallions isn’t really extremely caloric, but the same bowl of chicken soup is just not as well. But below are some Asian foods you must check out just before you die.

Sushi and Sashimi

Certainly, a number of people really are a bit revolted regarding the idea of feeding on uncooked seafood, however these two Japanese meals tend to be oh so good, particularly when the vinegared brown rice is made good and the fish is indeed new that it’s actually actually in rigor mortis. Fish and sea food used for sushi consist of salmon, tuna, however not the overfished bluefin, eel, flounder, octopus, shrimp, abalone and salmon roe. In the event that the individual definitely cannot bear uncooked fish, they could have sushi made out of sweetened egg, cucumber, and avocado.


Dashi is actually a broth created using a piece of kombu seaweed along with dried out bonito flakes, bonito being a fish. It features a gentle flavor not to mention aroma and additionally is actually the cornerstone for some Japanese sauces. It is actually great to take in having nothing in it on cold winter nights.


The particular fat count with this particular recipe might be relatively substantial given it requires soaking food items in mixture and deep frying the item. The fantastic thing about tempura is that it can be made out from anything at all, which includes pieces of sea food, chopped up carrots, tofu, Japanese eggplant, slices of lotus root, green onions, and green squash. It should be cleared and consumed whilst it’s actually warm, as cool or even leftover tempura has dropped a great deal of its appeal.

Warm and Sour Soups

This delicious soup is made of tree fungus, dried tiger lilies, dried shiitake mushrooms and tofu in beef stock. All the ingredients are available simply in an Asian store and they are affordable. The person shouldn’t worry about the tree fungus. It’s also called cloud ears which is a black mushroom that is cultivated on logs. It is dried up then when it is actually rehydrated it seems like to grow ten times its dimensions, then simply it is chopped up and then included to the soup. The actual soup merely needs a couple to be sufficient.

Peking Dust

This delicacy is fussy to provide, but it’s luxurious. It utilizes uncooked chestnuts, glucose, a pinch of salt, heavy cream, one orange and also glaceed nuts. The chestnuts usually are pureed, afterward garnished using the orange and walnuts and slathered along with whipped cream in a pattern.

Lamb Korma

It’s an Indian recipe where by pieces of lamb are generally prepared in a foamy curry sauce and then dished up with rice, raita or onion sambal, and chutney. Created with cardamom seeds, cloves, cumin, red pepper, garlic, and coriander, this smells practically like it tastes.

Wontons Stuffed with Pork, Cabbage, Scallions and ginger

Even though a number of people may have purchased wontons at their very own fastfood place, there is certainly nothing can beat making several at home. These are not really that challenging to produce, and training makes perfect.


These are rice balls and are also very well liked found in Japanese picnic containers. The particular ingredients incorporate fresh salmon fillet, a single piece of dried up nori, that is also employed for covering sushi, bonito flakes and umeboshi, pickled and salted plums. Onigiri are a wee bit labor rigorous to make, yet, once more, worth it.

Miso Soup having Oysters and Bean Curd

Miso is soy bean paste and this dashi-structured soup utilizes red and white miso, fried bean curd, common bean curd, approximately 16 oysters, sansho powder, fresh ginger root, and Japanese parsley. It is rather, very delightful undoubtedly.

Try Veggie Chicken Tikka Potato Chips And Chatpata Khatta Mitha Snacks

When we are talking about food, obviously anybody think about some chatpata flavour of food. Every one love to Chatpata and Khatta Mitha flavour of food. Some popular restaurants in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and some other top cities in India provide a good quality tasty, Khatta Mitha and Chatpata snacks. Do not compromise with your taste buy best light snacks with different flavours.

Fancy some vegetarian chicken tikka potato wafers and guava masala juice for an evening snack? Sounds strange to the ears of hardcore Indian veggies bred on leafy greens, energy drinks and cereals, isn’t it? But innovations in the world of flavours might soon make these new snacks a reality.

Gastronomic flavours are rooted in local cultures. Indians generally have a strong preference for masala – or spices. It is wrong to think that globalization has opened the boundary for flavours. In fact, there has been a great deal of balkanisation in terms of tastes,” Doug Tough, chairman and CEO of International flavours & Fragrances Inc (IIF), said in an interview.

The company provides flavours and fragrance solutions to the food restaurant sector by inventing new varieties. Set up in Britain in 1833 and functioning in India for the last 80 years, IFF has set up a new facility in the NCR region to reach wider sections in this country’s emerging flavours market, the CEO said.

Tough said the preference for flavours has seen a “return to the retro” post-globalization, prompted by the nature of the country and culture concerned.

“In Brazil, oranges and lemons still remain the most popular flavours, while Indians would love tomato chips. The British love their salt-and-vinegar taste and the Americans would never say no to the cheddar cheese chip,” Tough said, explaining the variations in global flavours.

The firm is working on several new flavours for the Indian Light snack market. One of them is the chicken tikka potato chip, a non-vegetarian flavoured vegetarian snack. The potato wafers are dusted with chicken tikka masala, a meaty spice mix created with replicas of chemical components present in chickens. The wafers are eaten with yoghurt dip and onion rings.

Then, the paapri chaat potato chip – a flavour yet to reach the market – can be topped or dipped in the traditional ‘chaat’ base of yoghurt, mint and coriander chutney and sweetened tamarind juice.

Other flavours that will soon hit the market are mango lassi muffin and pineapple masala muffin in combination with guava masala juice, fizzy roseapple cooler and pomegranate ginger brew.

“The appreciation for new fruit-based flavours like litchi and pomegrenate in the beverage sector in India is rising, but masala continues to rule the palette,” says flavours watcher and researcher Imtiaz Kaiser.

Just how right he is can be gauged from what top Bollywood filmmaker Ramesh Sippy said a while ago: “We’re Indians. We like masala in our food and we like masala movies.”

According to a 2012 prediction report by Sensient Flavours, a leading global trend spotter, the theme for flavours in the food and Restaurants market is “new and novel, re-invention of old flavours and a combination of flavours”.

Some of the emerging flavours for 2012 are aji amarillo, a fruit-based flavour native to South America; black garlic, popular in Asian cuisine; coriander, native to the Middle East, southern Europe and Asia; pink peppercorn, a dried berry flavour; and plum, caramel and varietal vanilla, sourced from three main vanilla plants.

Bell Flavours, a 100-year-old international flavours firm, says the theme for 2012 is “emerging cultures”. The company predicts that the 2012 beverages will “incorporate regional fruits, exotic herbs and rare blends to drive innovation in new concepts in the new markets”.

Like a lot of working families and busy individuals around the world, Indian consumers are looking for not only authentic taste and convenience but also healthier options in the food they eat, Vaisman said of the need for new flavours in the Indian food and beverage market.

Some of The Most Famous Restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its grandeur and festivities. Some of the best hotels and casinos find a home in Las Vegas. Vegas is a great place to enjoy a fun filled vacation. Here one will find some of the best hotels with excellent services and great food from the various cuisines all over the world. A food enthusiast will find themselves in a heaven of their own.

Mexican food is known for being a fine combination of the American, Spanish, French and the Aztec cuisines. Among the Americans, it has mainly been the privilege of those living in Texas to have influenced this cuisine. There has been a proper give and take between the two types of cuisines which also given rise to the Tex-Mex cuisine. But Mexican food one of the most sought after cuisines and there are many restaurants and hotels providing Mexican food in Las Vegas. A few of them are listed below.

Pepe’s Tacos

Craving for some breakfast with chorizo con juevos, beans rice, eggs and tortillas? Head towards Pepe’s Tacos. Apart from a scrumptious breakfast they also serve dinner and lunch meals at affordable rates. Some of their best dishes include carnitas, tortas, asada, mojarra, different tacos and some great burritos and drinks like Horchata and Jarritos.

Roberto’s taco shop

Having 11 branches in the whole of Las Vegas, Roberto’s Taco Shop offers the best services for cheap eating. The unique selling proposition of this chain of restaurants is not just its delectable food but the mouthwatering portions that they serve it in. the delicious chicken tacos are the best of the Mexican food in Las Vegas.

El Pollo Loco

Another one of the huge chain of restaurants serving Mexican food in Las Vegas, El Pollo Loco focuses its efforts at making the best flame grilled chicken possible. With 12 branches all over Vegas, there is a slim chance that you will not taste their chicken when you hit the town. In fact this chicken is generally the talk of the town among the tourists thanks to the juicy meat and its mouthwatering aroma.

All tourists are advised to try the Mexican food in Las Vegas, especially if they are travelling there for the first time. The sumptuous recipes are sure to lure your taste buds are guaranteed to linger in your memories for a long time.

So if you are spend exotic vacations or weekends with friends and family in Las Vegas, visit the Mexican food restaurants to have a wonderful experience of a great variety of dishes.

Fabulous & Affordable Places to Eat in Paris

Everyone on a trip to Paris is in search of restaurants that serve great food at decent prices. Before Guillaume Plisson of Calista Privilege started his Paris touring company, he worked as a chef. Here are some of Plisson’s favorite restaurants in popular Paris neighborhoods.

Where to Eat in the 7th Arrondissement

The Eiffel Tower is in the 7th arrondissement, so you’ll be spending a lot of time in this neighborhood. Luckily, there are some non-tourist trap places that serve up authentic French food.

These three restaurants are on the rue Saint-Dominique:

Cafe Constant

Don’t be put off by the simple decor, just wait till you taste the food. A great meal – appetizer, entree, and dessert – can be had for E23 (wine not included). Run by well-known chef/owner Christian Constant and a great young chef, Eduardo Jacinto Avelar, this typical French brasserie has a seasonal menu that changes according to the best products available at the markets.

Les Fables de la Fontaine

This stylish bistro specializes in fish dishes and Basque Country cuisine from the southwest region of France. Expect mid-range prices for very high-quality food: a weekday lunch menu – appetizer, daily special, dessert, and a glass of wine – costs E30. The owners – maitre d’ David Bottreau and chef Sebastien Grave – first met while working for the famed Christian Constant.

La Fontaine de Mars

This is the classic Parisian bistro of your dreams. Hearty meals such as foie gras, duck, and cassoulet have been served on this very spot since 1908. Jacques and Christiane Boudon are the current owners keeping the tradition alive. The plat du jour (daily special) will run you about E20. Otherwise, lunch and dinner – appetizer, main course, dessert – will be around E55 (without drinks). For a wonderful culinary experience, try the Burgundy snails. Unconvinced? President Obama has dined here.

Though Paris has its share of great piano lounges, a hotel piano bar tends to be more relaxed. While you’re there for the music and the sophisticated ambiance, it’s also a way to check out these grand hotels. Maybe you’ll be inspired to book a room at one of them on your next trip to Paris.

B.A. Bar at Hotel Bel-Ami

The Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood is great for nightlife. The Hotel Bel-Ami piano bar evenings are every night except Sundays, 6pm to 10pm. On the first Thursday of every month, there’s a special jazz evening, Soirees Bazz, in this lobby bar from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

Bar du Lutetia at Hotel Lutetia

This Art Deco hotel is a Left Bank landmark. The Lutetia bar has been attracting the glitterati since 1910. Today, they still come for the specialty cocktails and piano music every evening from 7pm. Then, on Wednesdays through Saturdays, there are “Lute-Jazz” performances to enjoy from 10:15pm till closing.

Piano Bar at Hotel de Banville

Treat yourself to an aperitif and an evening of jazz standards and French classics at this Art Deco-style hotel, named for the poet Theodore de Banville. On Tuesday evenings (8pm-11pm), the lovely Marianne Moreau – accompanied by musicians Franck Monbaylet on piano and Frederic Kakon on guitar – turns the lobby into a lively, jazz piano bar.

The Duke’s Bar at Hotel Westminster

The Duke’s Bar has the air of a posh British club. On weeknights, pianist Jean-Luc enlivens the cocktail hour (6:30pm to 9:30pm). And Thursdays through Saturdays, a jazz singer adds a bit of pizzazz from 10pm onwards.

Le Bar at Hotel de Crillon

If you’ve always dreamed of staying at the renowned Hotel de Crillon, you can start with an evening at the bar where pianists Bernard and Joel liven up the atmosphere from 9:30pm to 1am. (The music plays on during the hotel’s current restoration.)

Fine Gourmet Flavored Coffee Beans Are A Wonderful Treat

People always want something that is a little better or possibly just something a little different. This is certainly true when it comes to our coffee. Even if you like your java straight and black there is something to be said for a slight change in your coffee once in a while. Gourmet flavored coffee beans will fill this need with a more robust and different flavor.

There are a few unique reasons gourmet coffee is way ahead of the many supermarket varieties of java. The coffee bean is the one of the most important things you can factor into coffee making. Lots of people think that the location the coffee bean was raised in has a lot to do with the taste of the coffee. A different opinion states that the roasting process has more to do with the final flavor of the gourmet coffee. How it is roasted has everything to do with the final product.

It is for sure that the process of roasting the coffee beans and blending them with the various flavors produce the numerous flavored coffee beans that are available today. While each gourmet coffee maker varies the techniques it seems this blend happens after the bean has popped. This leaves time for the bean to absorb the flavoring that is sought after.

The many different varieties of gourmet flavored coffee beans available for each season and special occasions are the highlight of many a coffee lover. If you are the type of person who wants a touch of chocolate or other flavor in your coffee it is not hard to find just the perfect brand of gourmet coffee especially during the holiday season.

It is much easier to find your favorite brand of gourmet coffee now days. You used to have to search specialty shops. Now this luxury is as close as your local supermarket. You can now find a great selection of great tasting coffee in several of your local grocery stores. The coffee beans are usually right in front of you in plain site. This is handy because you can sniff and smell the beans. This can be an exciting way to find a new blend of gourmet coffee.

For many people coffee is a major part of the day. You can buy it by the pound or in smaller portions, either way once you get your gourmet flavored coffee beans home and brewed your day seems to get better.

Experience Some Of The Finest Atlanta Restaurants

Coming to Atlanta and searching for the right areas to eat at? Got a discerning palate that matches your insatiable appetite for good food? Well look no further, listed below are some of the top restaurants within Atlanta, Georgia.

BacchanaliaIf there’s one place that you will discover in multiple guides to very good food in Atlanta, it is this. Run by the Chef/Owner duo of Clifford Harrison and Anne Quatrano, this specific place will certainly provide you America’s finest fare produced with all the finest of ingredients. That’s because the celebrated chefs not merely treat you to their creations, they additionally grow almost all of what goes on to your plate. Innovative major courses such as red snapper with caramelized turnips and gourmet specialties such as foie gras terrine are what set it aside from the rest every time along with a sleek, modern set up.

NamNam will be amongst the those Atlanta restaurants where you go as much for the ambience as for the food. Sensual lighting, charcoal artwork, candlelight and also fresh flowers adorn this Asian/Vietnamese restaurants interiors. The menu is different with well-made dishes which have own them a stable patronage from the city diners. The majority of the choices will be not familiar to first timers but also the staff is actually ever useful in suggestions and explanations. You possibly can sample such fare as lotus root salad, a ‘shaking’ Kobe beef and steamed sea bass within a banana leaf parcel. Their nuoc cham sauce will be common between diners and adds a complete body of taste to many of their dishes.

Nikolai’s RoofThis can be one of the leading restaurants in Atlanta in a lot more than one sense – it is a place that is situated on the 30th floor of the downtown Hilton Atlanta. Getting there may be a longish elevator ride besides whatsoever transport you choose however the view makes almost everything worthwhile. And also the menu could be a blend of French with European and Russian influences. Nikolai’s dishes are generally recognized for their top-quality components as well as continuous improvements. This can be a great-dining place that makes it ideal for the corporate and also the connoisseur. And for the prolific wine drinker with a trained palate, the sommeliers handpicked wine selection here is difficult to match up anyplace inside the city.

EccoLocated at the center of Midtown Atlanta, Ecco includes a wonderful European atmosphere and menu. Choose from wood-fired pizzas, homemade pastas and also a delectable type of meat and cheese in order to meet your entire sinful urges for fine comfort food. They have an outdoor patio which is popular with every person who goes there and an oversized bar meant to satisfy the mightiest of thirsts. Ideal spot for a loving meal for two, group dining or simply a casual drop in mainly because you feel like some of the fine meat and cheese combinations that they are well known for. Their hearty European mainstays sometimes come with Spanish influences just like the chilli-braised pork with garlic and homemade pappardelle. Extremely advised for most occasions.