Asian Catering for Your Event

Catering for an event is just as important as looking after a baby – especially in Asian Weddings where there may be as many as three hundred to one thousand diners to serve. It is important to take volumes of food, the choices of food, the timing of serving and the manner of serving into consideration. It is also important to factor in elements such as faith, people’s health concerns, vegetarians, and people on diets. So, taking everything into consideration, “it ain’t an easy task, Boss”.Asians will take catering and food preparation as one of their main factors in judging the success of an event. No event can be good if the food is bad. In such an event, people would be going home very catering for an event, especially and Asian wedding, the caterer will be holding his breath till the end, because if there is one bad remark, it will spread around the venue in no time, and future business will be lost.Often people will go for a standard menu, and will not like to experiment with any new dishes, as they may be very concerned about the change. If the caterer wishes to experiment with the menu, then the choice should really be buffet catering, as with buffet catering you can add and choose dishes in line with your guest list.

For example, if you are inviting Muslims, then you can have halal counters. You can add veggie dishes, and children friendly meals, and there could be particularly mild curries for any English or European guests. This way you have a variety and something to suit everyone.Asian caterers normally have two or more events happening at one time, so they will offer you the dish they are cooking for other clients. This will be easy for them, but you should have your own choice of meal as your guests could have different tastes.Asian caterers are always offering tasting sessions prior to booking, so if you are having a tasting session, then ask for the taste of food they have cooked in quantity, as food tastes are different when cooked in large amounts – either it will taste better, or if cooked badly, then it will taste much worse. If the caterer offers a sample of a meal cooked for five, then it won’t be the same as the sample of food you would be ordering for one thousand.Every caterer claims to be the best caterer. We are all individual, and so is our taste, our caterers and services.