Best Qualities of a Good Anaheim Restaurant

California is known for its many culinary delights. However many people claiming to be experts on the Internet will mislead you about what is truly the best Anaheim Restaurant. I have spent a considerable time visiting restaurants in this area as well as restaurants all across the nation. In addition, I am something of a food expert with many years in the business. I have spent time as a chef, a manager a server and even a busser. I have quite literally seen everything one can see in the service industry. For this reason, I feel that I am well qualified to speak frankly on the subject of west coast dining. In this article I really want to focus on some of things that I most enjoy about dining out on the west coast. There are such a great variety of topics to cover on this issue. For instance, the service at a restaurant alone could make for an entire series of articles. I know that sometimes when articles are too focused on one subject they can become tedious. I will try to cover a broad range of topics in order to keep this article interesting to all my loyal fans. Speaking of service, that seems like a great place to start. Because I am already a talented cook I can easily cook myself a meal.

This means that one of the primary reasons I go out to restaurants is to relax and enjoy the service. It is a great feeling to not have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Furthermore, there is certainly something very nice about being well taken care of. Fantastic service at a restaurant can be the most enjoyable thing. One action I always look for in a server is their disposition. It makes me feel more comfortable if I do not feel like I am imposing on someone. When the server seems genuinely invested in my experience and not just trying to get to the end of the shift, I always take notice and tip accordingly. The next thing I always look for is someone who smiles. This may seem like an obvious thing to some but you would be surprised how many sullen servers I have worked with and dined with. Some smiling can go an unbelievably long way towards making a guest feel welcome. One trait that I find at an even lower end Anaheim Restaurant is knowledge of the menu. I think this is one of the most valuable things a server can bring to the table. As I mentioned earlier, I have a true interest in food.

For me this means that I want to know about the food I am ordering. I like to know where it was grown and how it was cooked. Sometimes this gives me good ideas to incorporate in my own cooking but it is mostly just out of curiosity. On the subject of knowledgeable servers, it is also very important that they be familiar with their beverage menu. It is a server’s job to have a good understanding of wines that would god well with certain flavors. They can also direct you toward a drink that you will enjoy just by hearing what sorts of things you like. The server has an opportunity to work with the guests to create a dining experience that will be forever memorable.