Marketing Your Restaurant Successfully

Marketing your restaurant needn’t be expensive or hard work,in fact it can be quite ‘s explore some cheap yet effective ideas to get more people through your doors.

Firstly let’s utilise your existing average most booking are between 2-4 people,one very quick way to change that is offering deals based on parties of 8.That’s

right double up your average can be done by offering a 2 for free deal with parties of 8 or more.Every restaurant has their regulars and these are the very people

who will be happy to brings friends specially designed business cards made with the offer.Business cards are small and easily stored in a them stand out.

Allow these offers to run for 60 days at a time people only eat out once a month,this will encourage them to go to your restaurant.

Another good idea is creating a mobile website,this can be a powerful marketing tool.Create a page for your offers and have a QR code made with your mobile offers page.

Have this code put on your business cards and other promotional material.Encourage users to bookmark your mobile site on the home page of their smartphones.Another good

idea is a have a random discount night,you do not advertise this you simply discount every persons bill for that the bill write special discount a

promo business card placed beside the bill stating every now and then you have an announced discount can bet they will be talking to their family and friends

about that.Groupon is one marketing tool some restaurants use but do not properly exploit which creates a out the loop if you use the email address

of all your groupon and regular customers (why should they miss out,they are loyal to you) and offer deals doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’ll make more

money not having to pay groupon 40% or so.

By offering the deals directly you can get a nice cash injection,don’t run these type of deals on a regular basis or people will start waiting for the every so

often if you need to but not regularly.Marketing is essential getting new customer aware of you.Consider random actions like giving someone 50% off their bill,these sort

of actions get people talking.Explain you do random things like this,people will come hoping for the discount but not expecting ‘s like the lottery you hope you win

but you don’t expect to but the buzz is there.Treat your regulars well,they have supported you by visiting regularly,show your appreciation.

Finally,make sure everything you do is based around the customer,the food,the you get more customers you can slow down the marketing,don’t stop but slow it down.

Laying on some food for a local charity is not only a decent thing to do but will give you alot of successful people are in charity circles.Hopefully

this article has got your head in the right zone for marketing your restaurant and here is to your success.

Try Veggie Chicken Tikka Potato Chips And Chatpata Khatta Mitha Snacks

When we are talking about food, obviously anybody think about some chatpata flavour of food. Every one love to Chatpata and Khatta Mitha flavour of food. Some popular restaurants in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and some other top cities in India provide a good quality tasty, Khatta Mitha and Chatpata snacks. Do not compromise with your taste buy best light snacks with different flavours.

Fancy some vegetarian chicken tikka potato wafers and guava masala juice for an evening snack? Sounds strange to the ears of hardcore Indian veggies bred on leafy greens, energy drinks and cereals, isn’t it? But innovations in the world of flavours might soon make these new snacks a reality.

Gastronomic flavours are rooted in local cultures. Indians generally have a strong preference for masala – or spices. It is wrong to think that globalization has opened the boundary for flavours. In fact, there has been a great deal of balkanisation in terms of tastes,” Doug Tough, chairman and CEO of International flavours & Fragrances Inc (IIF), said in an interview.

The company provides flavours and fragrance solutions to the food restaurant sector by inventing new varieties. Set up in Britain in 1833 and functioning in India for the last 80 years, IFF has set up a new facility in the NCR region to reach wider sections in this country’s emerging flavours market, the CEO said.

Tough said the preference for flavours has seen a “return to the retro” post-globalization, prompted by the nature of the country and culture concerned.

“In Brazil, oranges and lemons still remain the most popular flavours, while Indians would love tomato chips. The British love their salt-and-vinegar taste and the Americans would never say no to the cheddar cheese chip,” Tough said, explaining the variations in global flavours.

The firm is working on several new flavours for the Indian Light snack market. One of them is the chicken tikka potato chip, a non-vegetarian flavoured vegetarian snack. The potato wafers are dusted with chicken tikka masala, a meaty spice mix created with replicas of chemical components present in chickens. The wafers are eaten with yoghurt dip and onion rings.

Then, the paapri chaat potato chip – a flavour yet to reach the market – can be topped or dipped in the traditional ‘chaat’ base of yoghurt, mint and coriander chutney and sweetened tamarind juice.

Other flavours that will soon hit the market are mango lassi muffin and pineapple masala muffin in combination with guava masala juice, fizzy roseapple cooler and pomegranate ginger brew.

“The appreciation for new fruit-based flavours like litchi and pomegrenate in the beverage sector in India is rising, but masala continues to rule the palette,” says flavours watcher and researcher Imtiaz Kaiser.

Just how right he is can be gauged from what top Bollywood filmmaker Ramesh Sippy said a while ago: “We’re Indians. We like masala in our food and we like masala movies.”

According to a 2012 prediction report by Sensient Flavours, a leading global trend spotter, the theme for flavours in the food and Restaurants market is “new and novel, re-invention of old flavours and a combination of flavours”.

Some of the emerging flavours for 2012 are aji amarillo, a fruit-based flavour native to South America; black garlic, popular in Asian cuisine; coriander, native to the Middle East, southern Europe and Asia; pink peppercorn, a dried berry flavour; and plum, caramel and varietal vanilla, sourced from three main vanilla plants.

Bell Flavours, a 100-year-old international flavours firm, says the theme for 2012 is “emerging cultures”. The company predicts that the 2012 beverages will “incorporate regional fruits, exotic herbs and rare blends to drive innovation in new concepts in the new markets”.

Like a lot of working families and busy individuals around the world, Indian consumers are looking for not only authentic taste and convenience but also healthier options in the food they eat, Vaisman said of the need for new flavours in the Indian food and beverage market.

Fine Gourmet Flavored Coffee Beans Are A Wonderful Treat

People always want something that is a little better or possibly just something a little different. This is certainly true when it comes to our coffee. Even if you like your java straight and black there is something to be said for a slight change in your coffee once in a while. Gourmet flavored coffee beans will fill this need with a more robust and different flavor.

There are a few unique reasons gourmet coffee is way ahead of the many supermarket varieties of java. The coffee bean is the one of the most important things you can factor into coffee making. Lots of people think that the location the coffee bean was raised in has a lot to do with the taste of the coffee. A different opinion states that the roasting process has more to do with the final flavor of the gourmet coffee. How it is roasted has everything to do with the final product.

It is for sure that the process of roasting the coffee beans and blending them with the various flavors produce the numerous flavored coffee beans that are available today. While each gourmet coffee maker varies the techniques it seems this blend happens after the bean has popped. This leaves time for the bean to absorb the flavoring that is sought after.

The many different varieties of gourmet flavored coffee beans available for each season and special occasions are the highlight of many a coffee lover. If you are the type of person who wants a touch of chocolate or other flavor in your coffee it is not hard to find just the perfect brand of gourmet coffee especially during the holiday season.

It is much easier to find your favorite brand of gourmet coffee now days. You used to have to search specialty shops. Now this luxury is as close as your local supermarket. You can now find a great selection of great tasting coffee in several of your local grocery stores. The coffee beans are usually right in front of you in plain site. This is handy because you can sniff and smell the beans. This can be an exciting way to find a new blend of gourmet coffee.

For many people coffee is a major part of the day. You can buy it by the pound or in smaller portions, either way once you get your gourmet flavored coffee beans home and brewed your day seems to get better.

Park Lane Restaurants London Serve Extraordinary Cuisines With Warm Hospitality Services

Dining out is one of the life’s greatest pleasures and by having a visit to fine dining restaurant, you would be able to get away from the hectic routine of your life. Moreover, the visit would surely step you into a world of delicious taste sensation, crisp white table linen and clink of crystal glasses. On the other hand, if you prefer to visit a family restaurant where the locals go, must opt for reliable and reputed restaurant. When we talk about London, restaurants are actually the place that unify and define London from smallest cafe to grandest hotel restaurant with international acclaim. These commercial places always have been a melting pot of different culture and nationalities and a forefront of reflecting diversities.

Restaurants often have dual purpose of providing sustenance as well as dose of nostalgia that gives an authentic touch of home for those living or travelling in London. In Park lane restaurants London you can dine out extraordinary cuisines with wonderful hospitality services within your means. London has build up a global reputation for high quality restaurants over years and facilitates virtually all cuisines you can expect. You can also find five-star hotel restaurants that nesting up plenty of coffee shops and long-established French bistros.

London is place for shopping, after finishing of your shopping, you can go to stunning afternoon tea restaurant to relax, take the weight off your feet and have the pleasure of soothing tea. There are various afternoon tea restaurants and cafes are available that have build up a reputation for providing quality fine dining in elegant surrounding. Going out for afternoon tea is a great way to add a little luxury and lavishness into your life. Afternoon tea restaurant is the amazing place where you would get indulged in mini sandwiches and full-bodied teas. Reputed restaurants offer their own City Inn Breakfast blend of tea with classy finger sandwiches with fillings like egg and cress, Scottish smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, chives, honey roast ham and English mustard.

In reputed restaurants, you can find a creative menu for terrific fish dishes, varieties of meat cuisines, tapas menu, quality selection of sandwiches and top quality Champagne. Although, there are lots of restaurants and hotels are located in London, however none can match the diversity of Silks Bistro and Champagne bars. Champagne bars in London provide high quality champagne with impressive and unique serving options. Hotels, Bistro and Champagne bars are quite separate enterprise that incorporate guest dining area with lots of eye-catching decoration for food and drink lovers.

Fresh Live Lobsters Whenever You Want Them

When you don’t live right off the coast of Maine, it can be hard to find the fresh lobster that you crave. Supermarket lobsters are small, old and over prices. And restaurant lobsters are even worse, because there is no way to know if what you’re getting is fresh seafood, or just another processed package of old lobster meat. Do you want a change? Then order fresh live lobster from Quality Fresh Seafood!

Lobster is a delicious treat, but unless you’re a lobster fisherman, it can be difficult to treat yourself or your family. For the expense, you want to make sure you’re getting the best, freshest product out there, and when you’re buying locally, it can be hard to know exactly where your fish are coming from, or when they’ve been caught. And we all know the disappointment of ordering a lobster roll or plate of ‘fresh lobster’ while dinning out, only to realize that it’s all over cooked and overpriced.

That’s all changing with the fresh live lobster from Quality Fresh Seafood. If you would love to cook our own lobster, but aren’t sure where to turn, this is the right solution for you. Whether you’re looking for one pound lobsters for a dinner party, or some three pound lobsters for a large gathering, we’re your source for guaranteed fresh lobsters, sure to please friends and family alike. And we guarantee that your lobster will be a fresh caught Maine lobster, every time!

How do we provide you with the best and fresh live lobsters, year round? We have state of the art facilities that are kept at 38 degrees year round, and mimic the lobsters ocean habitat. This way, whenever they are caught, we are able to store the lobsters, providing them with food and an environment they can thrive and stay healthy in. That way from new year?s right on through to thanksgiving, we’ll have the best, freshest lobster for all of your occasions.

There are so many delicious recipes that you can make with fresh live lobsters that you’ll be sure to impress your family, neighbors and friends. Why not try a nice light lobster bisque on a chilly fall night? A lobster bake is the perfect meal for a large amount of guests. And when you’re having an intimate get together, pair your lobster with our set of bibs and claw crackers, and let everyone crack right into their own lobster!

Quality Fresh Seafood really does say it all in the name. When you decide to order from us, you know that you?re going to be getting the freshest, tastiest seafood possible, direct from the coast of Maine. Our fresh live lobster will wow your dinner guests in any season, as they ask how you managed to find such succulent seafood. And you?ll know that instead of wasting countless time searching from fresh seafood too far away from the coast, you knew that the best place for all your seafood needs is online with us!

Find A Caterer Online

Life has become very easy and comfortable with internet. Internet has added to the comforts of our life, sitting in our premises we can pay our bills, do shopping even organize a wedding. While organizing a wedding or a party your search for caterers starts.

Finding a catering service is easy but finding the best caterers can necessitate some of your energies. Before searching online for catering services please nail down the date and event venue with menu in mind which can be altered with the new suggestions of the food caterers.

Internet is a great source of food and beverage services and you can find a caterer through a company by using a major search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Suggestions should be welcome from your family and friends. Also try to recall the online catered parties you attending and what advice they had about their catering services?

If anyone known had hired a good catering service you can take the URL of their choice catering service and book them if they appeal you.

Otherwise start your search for caterers. Catering is one service where you are likely to prefer a local supplier beside for some corporate parties, which might go for specialized and reputed catering organizations headquartered elsewhere.
To begin with your caterer search you should first try searching in catering directories, which serve as a storehouse of various catering service providers with categories to precise your search. If catering directories does not prove to be helpful then use the major search engines for your nearest and best catering service.

Take a tour of the catering web sites and check for the various catering services offered by them.
Also look at the caterer’s portfolio of color photographs and their presentation, whether the food is presented beautifully and appears delicious? Presentation holds equal importance to the taste of the food, so make sure the food caterers are expert in food presentation also.

Before you hire a caterer service make sure they are licensed and properly insured and bonded. Clarify the dress code for servers and staff and any question if you have in mind regarding the organization of the event with the catering service?s chief.

The Most Luxurious And Fashionable Restaurant of Toronto to Dine And Wine

Toronto citizens are lucky to enjoy some best restaurants to dine and wine and enjoy multiple types of cuisines. One of the most well known Toronto restaurants is Kultura restaurant. Whether it’s any personal party or an official event, or may be a wedding event, Kultura is one of the best restaurants Toronto. The restaurant is built on a fashionable king street east it-spot and is used to house the Wagner Rosenbaum gallery. It beholds and stunning site and is a trendsetter destination for social dining. The distinctly flavored tapas sized plates add creativity and endless inspiration of world tour. The restaurant is very neatly sectioned into four differently purposed areas. The very first section is a place of entertainment. It’s a perfect place to enjoy with groups surrounded by a lounge atmosphere.

With a capacity to accommodate 35 people sitting and near about 100 people standing, it’s the place of fun having the facilities of bar and live DJ music. The floor to ceiling windows gives a stunning feel of the environment as the visitors walk by. The second section consists of a twin fireplace room. Very meaning to the name, this room has two original fire places with the capacity to accommodate 40-50 seating people and almost 100 standing people. This room includes banquette sitting, intimate tables and a 200 year old oak table that can suffice 16 people with a beautifully lit alcove adjacent to the room. There are 3 windows at the front that gives a beautiful view of the visible king street and a satellite bar along with ready DJ can be arranged. The third section is a grand room that can be a sufficient space for 45 seating people and 100 standing people. The room has 20 feet high ceilings, skylights, and breathes taking decor.

This room is an appropriate place for a group dinner that can later be used as a lounge area or dance floor with ready music arrangements. The fourth area is named as PDR. This stands for Private dining room. This room is on the 3rd floor of the restaurant and is the perfect place for private parties, festival parties, birthday parties, high level corporate dinners and many other events. Wedding events Toronto can easily be accommodated within this room. Its spacious, stunning and has a feel of intimacy. It’s quite spacious to suffice comfortable seating arrangement of 35-40 people and can support standing space for 80 people. The room consists of black crystal chandeliers, skylights and 3 king street face windows. However, it has three private washrooms. kultura’s premium wine and liquor facility are available in wooden and glass cabinets. Dining and wining in kultura is a prestige for the people of Toronto. It gives the feelings of intimacy and is an immense pleasure to enjoy within an environment filled with fun. There is always ready music that makes the atmosphere different from any other Toronto restaurants. This gives kultura a prestigious place among all the other restaurants of Toronto.