Marketing Your Restaurant Successfully

Marketing your restaurant needn’t be expensive or hard work,in fact it can be quite ‘s explore some cheap yet effective ideas to get more people through your doors.

Firstly let’s utilise your existing average most booking are between 2-4 people,one very quick way to change that is offering deals based on parties of 8.That’s

right double up your average can be done by offering a 2 for free deal with parties of 8 or more.Every restaurant has their regulars and these are the very people

who will be happy to brings friends specially designed business cards made with the offer.Business cards are small and easily stored in a them stand out.

Allow these offers to run for 60 days at a time people only eat out once a month,this will encourage them to go to your restaurant.

Another good idea is creating a mobile website,this can be a powerful marketing tool.Create a page for your offers and have a QR code made with your mobile offers page.

Have this code put on your business cards and other promotional material.Encourage users to bookmark your mobile site on the home page of their smartphones.Another good

idea is a have a random discount night,you do not advertise this you simply discount every persons bill for that the bill write special discount a

promo business card placed beside the bill stating every now and then you have an announced discount can bet they will be talking to their family and friends

about that.Groupon is one marketing tool some restaurants use but do not properly exploit which creates a out the loop if you use the email address

of all your groupon and regular customers (why should they miss out,they are loyal to you) and offer deals doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’ll make more

money not having to pay groupon 40% or so.

By offering the deals directly you can get a nice cash injection,don’t run these type of deals on a regular basis or people will start waiting for the every so

often if you need to but not regularly.Marketing is essential getting new customer aware of you.Consider random actions like giving someone 50% off their bill,these sort

of actions get people talking.Explain you do random things like this,people will come hoping for the discount but not expecting ‘s like the lottery you hope you win

but you don’t expect to but the buzz is there.Treat your regulars well,they have supported you by visiting regularly,show your appreciation.

Finally,make sure everything you do is based around the customer,the food,the you get more customers you can slow down the marketing,don’t stop but slow it down.

Laying on some food for a local charity is not only a decent thing to do but will give you alot of successful people are in charity circles.Hopefully

this article has got your head in the right zone for marketing your restaurant and here is to your success.