Finding The Perfect Back Bay Restaurant Experience Part 5

Hey there! Slow down now, you don’t want to fill up on your appetizer. Leave some room in your stomach for the reason you came to the Back Bay Restaurant, the main course! We started this guide with hints on identifying the small overlooked aspects of a restaurant, but the main course is no small piece. So in this week’s edition we will be discussing everything that comes with the main course. When I order an entree at a restaurant, I am never satisfied with my meal unless it has some tasty side dishes. The meal seems incomplete if I order a bacon cheeseburger and all I get is the burger. I’m talking fries, onion rings, coleslaw, pickles, and the whole show. No matter what you order, be sure to look for that fine print that says “served with…” You want to make sure to check out what a restaurant has for salads. This means salads as an entree such as a Caesar chicken salad or a seared-chicken salad, as well as vegetable salads. It’s important to inspect the freshness of the salad as well. You do not want old leaves that leave a bitter taste in your mouth and force you to turn your salad into dressing soup to filter out the nasty taste. Check the list of available dressings, any restaurant that cares about its customers will be sure to have several different types of dressings. The dressing allows you to enjoy your personal favorite taste in the salad; it gives you the option of what you would like to excite your taste buds with.

Don’t be stuck with the same boring dressing every time because the venue only offers two dressings. If you’re looking for something a bit more filling than a vegetable salad. You are probably like me and you are going to want some crispy, slightly salted fries. These fries should be fried well. Nothing ruins a meal like having fat chewy fries that still taste like a raw potato. The same goes for the onion rings, or half baked potatoes. Whatever you desire for a side dish, it better be made properly. No one at a nice Back Bay Restaurant should have to suffer through their meal because their side dish keeps leaving a rotten taste in their mouth. It should be treated with just as much care as the entree. If you are the type that needs something between the appetizer and main course, you may want to order a soup. If you aren’t a picky eater in general, you’re probably a picky eater when it comes to soups. Everyone has their favorite when it comes to soups, and you want to be satisfied so the restaurant should be sure to have a variety of soups to suit all of its customer’s individual taste buds. That about sums it up for everything that comes with your main course, next time we’re digging knife and fork into that main entree that will make your Back Bay Restaurant desires come true.